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  • Hi, I’m Obinna Ibemere.

    Best Freelancer on Upwork with 96% Job success score and founder boostend.com I have helped many small and local businesses like you formulate and implement the right digital marketing strategy that has resulted in an increase in high quality client and leads generation, growth and ROI.

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  • One of the biggest challenges facing local and small businesses today is how you’d leverage your resources to pull-in clients, leads, bookings, calls and or, skyrocket your business growth and ROI.

    How can you use the basics of marketing to acquire more customers and leads? Here is the answer

    • Spend time researching and create a strategic marketing plan.  
    • Go to where your target customers hangout. When it comes to online marketing, keep in mind not all internet marketing mediums are a good fit for acquiring new customers just because millions of people hang out there each day. Even if they are a good fit for you, the approach you’d use to pull-in customers and leads will be quite different depending on the platform and the intent of potential customers hanging out there. Figuring out the best marketing channel for your business will save you thousands in marketing spend and help you win more high quality customers and leads, skyrocket ROI and growth.
    • Know the best tool to use in reaching out to your customers The tool you use in online marketing is key to your success. Knowing the right tool and how to use it will determine your success or failure.
    • Develop your message and materials based on solution marketing. Your potential customer has a problem. They don’t care about how many years experience you have. All they care about is if you can solve their problem. So identify that problem and offering a solution in your message and materials are keys to winning them over.