5 Very Important Component Of a High Converting Google Ads Campaign

Lots of business have been told that in order to get more leads, sales or customers from Google Ads, all they need to do is create a campaign, add adgroup, keywords and write ad copies and vola!

The leads, sales or customers will start poring in. This is a very bad perception and has led a lot of business to give up on Google Ads, branding it a money wasting machine.

Google Ads is not a money wasting machine but a sales, leads and customer generating machine.

However, if you listen to what must expert say out there, Google Ads may become a money wasting machine.

For Google Ads to be your business ultimate sales, leads and customer generating machine, some very important things must be in place.

And in this article, I’m going to tell you the three must important component of a Google Ads sales and leads generation machine.

5 Must Important Component Of Google Ads

Keywords Match Type

One of the many mistakes I see when auditing Google Ads campaign is seeing that the previous person that setup the campaign used broad keywords.

Targeting broad keywords is giving power to Google to bid on any keyword phrase they feel is related to the keywords you are targeting.

In most cases, the keyword phrase Google think is related to your keywords are phrases you’d rather have added to your negative keyword list.

How do you overcome this issue? Use modified broad match.

Using modified broad match instead of broad match will help your ads show up for lots of keyword phrases that are related to the service you render without showing up for keyword phrases you don’t need.

Modified broad match is adding a +sign to your keywords which tells Google to bid on that keywords misspellings, singular/plural forms, abbreviations and acronyms and stemming.

For example, the broad keyword “divorce attorney” for an attorney that specialize in divorce will trigger the below keywords phrases:

  • Immigration Attorney
  • Child custody attorney
  • Bankruptcy attorney
  • Criminal defense lawyer

So. lets assume that an attorney specializing in divorce got his ads triggered by the above keyword phrases.

That would amount to wasted spend because the keyword phrase aren’t meant for an attorney specializing in divorce.

But a modified broad match of “+divorce +attorney” will trigger the below keywords:

  • divorce attorney
  • divorce attorneys
  • divorce attorneys near me
  • Attorney divorce NY
  • CA divorce attorney san fransico

You see how using modified broad match for an attorney specializing in divorce triggered keyword phrases that are all related to his area of specialization?

That is what modified broad match does. It lets you go broad without derailing from your target.

Theme (Structure) Of Campaign

A poorly themed campaign is one of the main killers of conversion and it also makes ongoing optimization a nightmare.

A campaign is made up of adgroup. There is no limit to the number of Adgroup a campaign should have and how you structure the adgroup determines your success.

A well structured campaign will have adgroups for each services they render.

For example, if you own a local cleaning company that offers two services: office cleaning and house cleaning services

You’d have two adgroups for each of the two services you render.

Conversion Tracking

Must businesses don’t know the importance of setting up conversion tracking.

Conversion tracking is very important because it’s what you use in measuring how well your campaign, adgroups, keywords and ads copies are performing.

Without conversion tracking, there is no way of knowing how the things you setup are generating leads, sales or customers for your business.

Ads Copy

Your ads copy is the first thing people see when they type in a keyword you are bidding on.

Your ad copy is what make people click your ads. It contains a promise which can only be redeemed by clicking your ads.

The aim of ads copy isn’t only to increase CTR and quality score but to also increase conversion.

To help increase CTR, quality score and conversion, an ad copy should be written with the intent of its target keywords in mind as well as the landing page message.

Landing Page

Your landing page does only one job – Convincing your potential customers to take an action.

Must businesses don’t know this but if your landing page isn’t convincing enough, you’d be wasting ad click with nothing to show.

To get the best from your campaign, your landing page must have the following criteria:

  1. Your landing page message must match your ad copy and the intent of your target keywords.
  2. The must important things like your title, benefits, call to action and or, testimonials should be the first thing a customers sees when they click down to your website.
  3. Your landing page title must be clear and must contain your target keywords.
  4. Your landing page must have a strong call to action
  5. Your landing page must have a strong value proposition or benefits
  6. Focus your landing page on benefits or value rather than your business experience
  7. Foolproof your landing page with testimonials, ratings and reviews.


By taking the 5 points into consideration when setting up or optimizing your campaigns, you’d start getting more leads, sales and customers.

This detailed points are the same process I use when setting up a new campaign or optimizing a client campaign.

As usual, if you need any help with getting leads, sales or customers for your business. please request a free proposal.

Obinna Ibemere
Obinna Ibemere

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