Google Ads That Gets Sales & Leads At Low Cost & High ROI or ROAS

I got a few questions for you before I introduce myself…

β€’ Are you struggling to get consistent LEADS or SALES online?

β€’ Do you STRUGGLE to reach and target your IDEAL customers effectively? 🎯

β€’ Have you been struggling to get low-cost CONVERSIONS? πŸ“ˆ

β€’ Are you STRUGGLING to achieve your ROAS or ROI target?

β€’ Do you want to DOMINATE your competition with Google Ads (Search, Shopping, Display & Youtube) or Facebook Ads?

β€’ Or dramatically increase and scale your business PROFITS?

Well, hello, I’m Obinna. Now, if one of the above sounds like you and you own an eCommerce store, local business, service business, SaaS, Online Courses, or B2B, then you’ll be excited when I finally show you the tricks I can assist you with!

I truly care about YOUR results and that’s why I guarantee you results in 60 days or less. And if you don’t get results in that time, it will be down to only two main reasons…

1. Your website is below average (website optimization report provided).

2. Your offering isn’t compelling enough for your target keywords or audience.

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to acquire β€œmore data”. That’s a load of rubbish from dabbling experts, specialists, or agencies that will lose you money and sleep.

I’m here to end that because my proven advertising formula has helped businesses like yours get a clear edge over competitors, scale, and dominate their industry.

However, it’s always appropriate to say it ourselves. Let me SHARE what our customers say about working with us.


β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… Leeroy Jenkins, Founder of Grab Bars

– “Very friendly and communicative freelancer. Always available and responds quickly. He got our task completed on time and quickly. I would recommend Obinna and will be back in the future.”

β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… George Hancock, Owner of Inkstone

– “Obie did a good job helping us get our Google Ads campaigns optimized. After a few months, we’re finding consistent leads.”

β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… Chris Raines, Owner of Bullhorn Media

– “Obinna helped us manage a large number of Google Ad campaigns for a multi-location medical practice (15 locations). Obinna was able to handle the complexity of the work for this campaign and was always quick to respond to questions and additional tasks. He also worked seamlessly within our project management and communication systems and became a valuable member of the team during the engagement with the client. I would definitely hire him again to manage similar large accounts, or smaller ones.”


NOW… unlike most profiles from so-called experts, specialists, media buyers, ninjas, or wizards promising you a 2,542% increase in conversion, or a magical 10X+ of ROAS or ROI! I’m going to be REAL with you because your expectations are paramount to me and need to be managed properly. There are no false assurances here!


So… how can I help YOU? Let me explain. My objectives are clear, first to provide you with a top-notch end-to-end service tailored to your specific marketing NEEDS, and second, to hold your hand every step of the way till we reach your GOALS! Whether it’s…

β€’ Scaling your store to 7 figures using the latest Google Ads or Facebook ad tactics πŸš€

β€’ To consistently generate QUALIFIED LEADS AND SALES by targeting the right keywords and audience.

β€’ To lower your COST per conversion πŸ“‰ with powerful CRO GROWTH HACK strategies

β€’ Creating MIND-blowing landing pages & funnels that CONVERT

β€’ To Fully optimize your campaigns 🎯 for the RIGHT keywords and audience with measurable insights I’m here to help! And I’m sure you want to invest in a PROVEN solution that works!


However, hold on to your seat because here’s where it gets interesting… For a short time only, I’m offering you a FREE in-depth one-on-one call where we discuss key findings, data, competition, and growth strategies for your business and to tailor a custom marketing solution.

BUT… As I focus exclusively on each project, my time is limited, so I’d like to make it clear whom I DON’T work with:

❌ Anyone who is dabbling with an idea and is not looking to start a plan of action

❌ Businesses that want a quick, cheap solution

❌ Buzzling clients that want to buzz in my ears every minute 🚁

So, if you’re genuinely passionate about your business and READY to take your Google Ads (formerly Adwords) to the next level, then we may be a suitable fit!

So, what next?! Well, click that “invite to job” button βœ… or send me a message NOW and we’ll set up our consultation call! Speak soon!

Obinna Ibemere
Obinna Ibemere

Hi. I'm Obinna Ibemere and I love helping local service businesses generate lots of leads, customers and increase ROI from Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Linkedin Ads. When I'm not trying to boost the ROI of my client's campaigns, I love watching football (soccer) and reading the latest trend in digital marketing or writing a blog post.

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