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Flood Your Law Firm With More Qualified Leads & Clients

The Google Adwords PPC campaign that you guys did, increased our leads generation by 400% in just a few months

Ugur Nedim

Sydney criminal Lawyers

This Is The Results You'd Get

You'll Get More Qualified Leads & Clients

Through leveraging the power of Google Ads, re-marketing Ads, high converting landing pages, A/B split testing, tracking of results and optimization you'll get unprecedented results on your investment

Your Cost Per Acquisition Of New Clients Will Be Much Lower

Because the leads you'll generate are high quality (people looking to hire a law firm to represent their interest) your cost per acquisition will be very low.

You'll Dominate Your Market

By creating a highly targeted Google ads campaign and landing pages, you won't only dominate Google search engine result pages, but you'll also pay less per click while generating 3x more leads and clients

Your law firm is going to make more money

Your law firm will pay less per click, you will generate more leads at a low cost per lead and convert more leads to paying client because of the quality of leads you'll get at a low cost per acquisition.

Case studies from previous works

Auto Accident Law Firm consistently got leads under $300 and increase monthly leads

Divorce Attorney reduced cost per lead and increase leads

Bankruptcy Attorney reduce cost per lead and increase leads

Criminal Defense Lawyer Increased monthly leads

What Our Clients Have to Say


BoostEnd is different from all other PPC agency I have used. You guys knows what works and what doesn't work. Working with boostend has been one of my best business decisions. Thank you guys. I can't believe you could actually get my cpa down to $300. Amazing!


Bill Akhurst

Stacks Law Firm


We started off having success by running our PPC campaigns ourselves. However, our keywords became increasingly competitive and we were struggling to improve our lead-gen efforts. The BoostEnd team helped swing the needle in our favor. Despite the increased costs, we were not only able to increase our conversions, but also get our CPA back down to a level we hadn't seen since before we first started


Christian Foyle

Foyle Legal


Since working with BoostEnd we have expanded our search efforts after meeting our initial target, built out some display remarketing and Facebook remarketing campaign and increased leads along the way. We've enjoyed working with BoostEnd and are eager to see what the future for us


Luke Cudmore

Luke Cudmore Legal

Over 60 law firms got a PPC proposal from us in September, 2019

What You'll Get In Your Free Proposal

Competitor Research

Keywords, bids, traffic e.t.c

Unique Growth Plan

A/B test, campaign structure, landing pages

What We Charge

Our fee in relation to your ROI