More Google Ads Traffic Doesn’t Always Translate To More Quality Leads & Clients

A lot of local businesses have this false misconception regarding Google Ads.

They presume that getting more visitors from Google Ads will equally translate to more qualified leads, clients and customers.

Although that may be the case if the campaign is hyper-targeted. But, if it isn’t, then you’re just wasting your ads budget getting visitors that may never buy your product or service.

Google has one bad habit and that is encouraging advertisers to expand their reach by going after broad keywords and, or expanding targeting.

Going after broad keywords and expanding targeting will only benefit just one person and that person isn’t you, it’s Google.

It will only benefit Google who will make more money as a result of the more clicks they will realise from your Ads.

Like I always say to my clients, the best Google Ads account isn’t necessarily the one that gets you the most clicks but the one that gets you the most leads and clients.

If you you’re building a Google Ads campaign, make sure all the things you setup are geared towards getting you the most leads and clients.

Two things makes up a high quality lead

  1. A lead is a high-quality lead if you met the intent of their search
  2. If you are in close proximity to a lead and met their intent, then that lead is high-quality lead (This is for local businesses)

How to generate leads and clients from each Google Ads traffic

1. Make effective use of location targeting to narrow down your target audience

Want to sell more of your services? then make sure you’re reaching the right people who reside in close proximity to your local business.

When people want to hire a local business, one of the criteria they use in choosing one is proximity.

Nobody wants to travel hundreds of miles just to visit a local business.

2. Avoid broad match keywords

Except you have some money to waste or you’d like to discover more keywords your customers would likely use to search for your services, then, I’d suggest you avoid broad match keywords like a plague.

Broad match keywords are the darling of Google. Google will always encourage you to use them under the guise that it will help you reach more potential customers.

But what it actually does is helping you get found by people who may not be interested in what you’re offering.

2. Create a well structured Google Ads account

When you structured your account very well, you’ll be able to assign the right location targeting based on the intent of the keywords in the campaign.

You’ll also be able to make effective use of your Ad budget by assigning budget based on performance.


The goal of running Google Ads campaigns is to generate more qualified leads and clients.

If your campaigns are only generating visitors and none of the visitors are converting to a lead or sale, then it’s time for you to go into your account to find out why.

If your Google Ads account is generating traffic but no leads, clients, or customers, then request a free account audit with me.

I offer a free Google Ads account audit during a free consultation call.

If you got a question or comment, please leave it at the comment box below. I reply to questions and comments.

Obinna Ibemere
Obinna Ibemere

Hi. I'm Obinna Ibemere and I love helping local service businesses generate lots of leads, customers and increase ROI from Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Linkedin Ads. When I'm not trying to boost the ROI of my client's campaigns, I love watching football (soccer) and reading the latest trend in digital marketing or writing a blog post.

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