Why Google Ads & Remarketing Is The Best Marketing Strategy For Home Contractors

One of the biggest challenges facing home contractors is generating motivated leads for their business.

In this article, I'll show you why Google search Ads and remarketing is your best chance of solving this challenge.

What is Google search Ads

Have you ever heard the word "Google it" or have used Google to search for information or to buy a product or service before.

If you have, then you have used Google Search.

Google search ads known mostly as Google Ads is one of Google advertising products.

Google search ads allows an advertiser to place an advert on Google search result when a search is conducted with the keywords an advertiser is targeting.

Google search ads is an intent based platform, meaning people make use of it when they are searching for information or to buy a product/service.

Because of the intent behind the platform, Google search ads is the best medium of advertising for remodeling contractors.


Why Google Search Ads is better than other marketing platforms

You are able to target by intent rather than interest

With Google search ads, you'll be able to target your potential customers based on what they want to do rather than what they are interested in which is the case for Facebook and other paid social platforms.

For example with Facebook ads if you are a contractor, you'll target people who likes a remodeling magazine in your location.

The downside to this type of targeting is that people who shows an interest in a remodeling magazine doesn't suggest that they are in the market to hire a remodeling contractor.

Another downside is that people you find in facebook doesn't have a buying mindset.

They are just there passing out time and catching up with families and friends.

Even if they have a need for your services, at that moment, they are mentally shut down and are just focused on socializing.

But with Google search Ads, you'll have the ability to target people in your location who are looking to hire a remodeling contractor.

It is for this very reason that Google search ads is the biggest digital advertising platform and the PPC platform of choice for must service companies.

Google search is where people go to when they want to make a decision while social media is where people go to when they want to have fun

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Google Search Ads gets you hot leads while paid social will get you cold leads

Cold leads are great if only you have the capacity to nurture them to sales.

But the thing is that nurturing cold leads to sales require building a complicated sales funnel of which must contractors lack the expertise to accomplish.

Google Search Ads will get you leads that are already in the market for a contractor.

Google Search Ads gives immediate results

If you are looking for a marketing platform that will get you results immediately, then Google search ads is your friend.

Unlike SEO that takes a minimum of 6 months of intensive monthly investment to get you results, Google search ads will give you results almost immediately.

Even if you were able to rank within the 6 months time period, you'll still trail behind your competitors using Google search Ads.

Google search ads occupies the first four listings on Google search and according to wordstream, 64.6% of people click on Google Ads when they are looking to buy an item online.

That means if you're using SEO on high intent keywords, you'd be beaten by your competitors using Google Search Ads

seo vs google search ads

What is Remarketing Ads?

Have you ever visited a website and all of a sudden, you noticed that website ads showing up in some websites and apps you visited.

If you have, you have probably been remarketed to.

Remarketing also known as retargeting ads is an online advertising strategy whereby you target people that visited a specific part of their website without requesting for a quote.

Why remarketing is important to your internet marketing strategy?

When you run any type of marketing, not all of your website visitors will turn to a lead when they visit your website.

The truth is, no matter how high your website conversion rate is, there will still be a percentage of your website visitors that won't convert to a lead the first time they visit your website and or, will never convert.

Remarketing ads will be used to retarget and convert those percentage of people that won't convert to a lead the first time they visited your website.

Basically, what remarketing does is to help you boost conversion rate from Google Ads.

How to use Google Ads and remarketing ads to connect with home owners looking to hire a remodeling contractor

  • Use Google Search Ads to drive potential clients looking to hire a contractor to your website
  • Use remarketing ads to target those website visitors that visited your website through Google Search Ads without converting to a lead

Best Platforms to setup remarketing ads

  • Google Display Ads
  • Facebook Remarketing Ads
  • Bing Display Ads


Combing the power of Google Ads and remarketing ads will help solve your leads generation needs.

Obinna Ibemere
Obinna Ibemere

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