4 reasons why location targeting is very crucial for Law Firm Google Ads Success

Google Ads is powered by Keywords. Whenever somebody searches with the keywords you are targeting, your ads will show up.

But location targeting will help you restrict your Ad to show only to people in a particular location you specify.

For example, if your law firm is located in Seattle, WA, you won’t want your Ad to show up for the whole Washington state or USA.

Location targeting helps you geo-restrict your ads to show when people who are in your target market (Seattle) are searching with your target keywords.

Below are the reasons why location targeting is very crucial.

1. It helps you reach potential clients that are closeby

You are a local business and like all local businesses, nobody wants to travel hundreds of miles just to consult with a law firm.

Without putting location targeting in place as a local business, you won’t be able to generate leads and even when you do, you won’t be able to convert them into paying customers.

Your potential clients will always pick the best law firm that is nearby over the ones that are hundreds of miles away

2. You’ll close more leads

The goal of a law firm Google Ads campaign is not only to generate leads but to generate quality leads that will convert to a paying client.

If the leads you generate from Google Ads campaign are not converting into paying customers, then it may be that your sales team isn’t working hard enough or your leads are picking your competitors instead.

To increase your chances of converting a lead into a paying client, some things must be put in place.

Among them is the follow-up structure which is within the control of your sales team.

The other is how far and wide you cast your net on Google Ads while fishing for leads.

If you cast your net too far, you’ll end up getting high-quality leads who will instead opt to choose your competitors because of proximity.

In another scenario, you may not generate any leads at all because when leads check your office address on your website, they will see you are too far away from them.

Nobody wishes to travel hundreds of miles just to visit an attorney.

3. Your cost per lead and client acquisition will be very low

When you use the ideal location targeting, more people after seeing your office address on your website will be willing to contact you and visit your office.

Another thing that will happen is a greater percentage of those leads will turn to a paying client.

Isn’t that what you need?

Leads don’t pay the bills because they are mere potential money, not yet money.

But paying clients do. So, you goal should be to generate leads that will eventually convert to a paying client and make you money.

4. You’ll judiciously utilize your budget

Let’s say the truth, nobody likes to spend money without getting anything back in return.

For every cent we spend on Google, it is for a reason and that reason is to make our business more profitable.

If that objective isn’t being achieved then something is wrong.

When you use location targeting the right way, you won’t only generate more leads but most of the leads you generate will become a paying client.


Location targeting is set up at the campaign level and in this article, I wrote on how you can structure Google Ads accounts with the right location targeting.

What do you think about location targeting? Please leave your view at the comment box.

Obinna Ibemere
Obinna Ibemere

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